Benjamin Markl

Conductor & juror

“Go wherever you want: Wherever you meet people, their music will open up their innermost being to you.” – Hermann Ritter

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Professional and tactful

Professional and tactful

Benjamin Markl as professional conductor & juror
Benjamin Markl as professional conductor & juror

“Good music and the shared experience with the musicians and the audience gives me more energy and strength than I feel while practicing.” – Benjamin Markl


Benjamin Markl is a versatile and experienced musician, conductor and educator. He is always looking for new challenges, impulses and projects. In his many and varied activities, the human being in all his facets is always the centre of his attention and forms the initial basis for the joint musical work, according to the motto: “Meet the individuals on their level”.


Through active music-making as a trumpeter in the Symphonic University Wind Orchestra, he discovered his interest in conducting, which later has become his passion and still is today. Thus, he first studied Wind Orchestra Conducting with ?? Thomas Ludescher for two years and then completed a four-year master’s degree in this subject with professor Maurice Hamers. For the work with professional orchestras, Benjamin was trained for two more years in the master’s program, which he completed artistically with the orchestra of the Belgian Air Force. Benjamin completed with the Master of Music in March 2013.


As a conductor and a juror, Benjamin Markl has gained a well-known reputation in the wind orchestra and brass band scene at home and abroad.

He currently holds the musical direction of the following orchestras: Brass Band Woodshockers, 3 BA Experience Band (+ substitute for the Concert Band of the Bavarian Brass Band Academy), Brassband Vorarlberg, Musikgesellschaft Brass Band Rehetobel and the Brass Orchestra Kötz. He is also active as a trumpet teacher and director at various music schools (Musikschule der Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Offingen and Musikschule Kötz) and teaches conducting at the Musikschule Brandner Tal (Austria).

With his line-ups he won numerous national and international titles in various competitions: European Brass Band Championship (Freiburg, Lille – FR), German Open, Flemish Open (Belgium), Butlins Mineworkers Contest (England), Scottish Open (Perth, Scotland), German Brass Band Championships, Kantonales Musikfest Arosa (Switzerland), numerous large group competitions in the Allgäu- Schwäbischer Musikbund – to name but a few.


This wealth of experience at every level makes him an experienced and renowned juror at home and abroad. Besides all this, he always found time to be coached by international luminaries such as Robert Childs or Tijmen Botma, since his aim it is to have his finger on the pulse of the european music scene.