Benjamin Markl


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About Benjamin Markl

Comments from other artists and colleagues

„I was first introduced to Benny when we worked together on the staff at German Music Camp some years ago…
I was immediately impressed with his engaging personality and his ability to make good music with groups of all ages.
Not only an excellent band trainer, as I experienced when I spent time with his Woodshockers band, but a real leader and example to those he is working with.
If you get the opportunity to work with Benny, take it with both hands, you will not regret it and you will learn so much not only as a musician but more importantly as a person!!“

Dave Lea
President Jaguar Landrover Band

Benjamin Markl is a musician, conductor and juror with expertise, vision, humour, charm and heart. He lives for music and in his activities, the joy and beauty of music can be experienced and felt. Benjamin Markl is a welcome and highly valued juror in various competition formats at the Vorarlberg Brass Band Association.

Sabrina Ganahl
Landesjugendreferent-Stellvertreter VBV

„Benjamin Markl is a rare combination of a charismatic personality combined with pure craftsmanship. Benjamin has the ability to inspire all who are around him. His immense knowledge and feel for a large variety of styles in music combined with a humble personality make him stand out in being the best servant of the music itself.”

Tim de Maeseneer
Althornsolist und Solo Horn Brass Band Willebroek, conductor

"I was able to get to know Benjamin Markl during a joint jury session. In addition to his high level of musical competence, which is based on his versatile education, I was especially impressed by his likeable personality. His successful participation in national and international competitions also proves, that he can be considered one of the best brass band conductors in Germany".

Corsin Tuor
Brass Band conductor

„I have watched Benjamin work with brass musicians over a few years and I love the drive and passion he has for brass playing. Benjamin makes rehearsals fun and he gets the best from the players. He has some great skills.“

John Hudson
Brass Band conductor

"Benjamin Markl does a very valuable job for us as a member of jury and juror. His competence in the field of brass band is also highly regarded by us. We appreciate his great pedagogical skills, his reliable personality and his team spirit. We hope that we can count on his support for many more years to come".


Jan Ströhle
trombone teacher and member of „Sonus Brass Ensemble“

"Benny Markl has had a positive influence on me through his work as a conductor, teacher and mentor and has enabled me to make my dream of becoming a professional musician come true. The weekly lessons enabled me to pass the entrance exams for my studies! I appreciate him very much, now also as a friend and colleague!”

David Schöpf
conductor and professional trumpet player

"I have known and appreciated Benjamin Markl for many years in many different roles. Be it as a fellow student, musician, colleague in composition, conductor, teacher, registrar, employee, conversation and discussion partner among many others. The cooperation in a leading position, as Artistic Assistant at the Symphonic Wind Orchestra Vorarlberg, the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Austria and the 3BA - Bavarian Brass Band Academy, will remain in deep memory. Benjamin Markl's versatile professional expertise combined with a high level of social competence and a special human manner characterise him. The personal friendship and collaboration with Benny means a lot to me, I wouldn't want to miss it".


Mag. Thomas Ludescher
teacher of conducting, conductor, composer, educator